instagram catchup

we've been busy. fo' sho'. but my kids are in camp this week, so i feel like this is my catchup week. i'll be working. cleaning. working out. working some more. and organizing everything that has been destroyed the last 3 weeks having my kids home all day every day. i will be away from this space for a few days to try to make the most use of my time. the minutes are crucial when you only have 5 hours in a day to do what you would normally need 10 hours to accomplish. 

we've been spending lots of time as a family which is the best part of summer. however, my kids don't really get the concept that daddy works even though we all get to lounge in our bikinis and board shorts. 

1.s'mores in the backyard 2.homemade nut/seed bars 3.6 year old check up, she's still tiny but she's growing 4.lunch date which included a greek salad, macaron, and sparkling water for my girl 5.prepping for an art lesson 6.bestie playdate by the pool 7.refueling 8.their first trip to walmart. possibly their last. 9.gorgeous hike through temescal canyon 10.hiking snack 11.more hiking 12.my children write these signs to hold out the car windows 13.lotsa boys over here 14.my hot date friday night 15.what aaron drank before his guy's night out 16.see #12 17.a little vanilla ice 18.my tomato plants are HUGE 19.the makings of a very good movie night 20.attempting to sew, keyword attempting 21.joining my boys for their prebedtime reading