kindergarten culmination

My baby graduated from Kindergarten. *sniff* *sniff* But I held it together really well. The kindergarten classes put on such an adorable program, and just like that, poof! I have a first grader. I have such a mix of emotions sending Greta off to first grade. It's a team of teachers that I've never dealt with before, they are all new teachers to me, so it will be an adjustment for me for sure, along with an adjustment for her. I get spoiled knowing or having some dealings with all the teachers in all the other grades. So this year having Greta in first and then Gunnar in 5th, which is the only other grade that is brand new to me. I'm a little skeered... But I know that Greta will do well no matter what she is handed. She is such a good student, so conscientious and studious, takes such pride in her work, and is just so likable that I'm certain whatever teacher she has will fall inlove with her. 

Since it was the last day of school, following the performance, we checked all our kids out of school and had a celebratory lunch at The Counter where they all got presents. We like to celebrate the end of the school year big since my kids have worked hard all year long.

Greta is quite the little peanut in her class, so I was pretty confident she'd be placed front row since they line up by size. My mom and I hovered over the kindergarten culmination front row tickets up for sale at the auction, and we won 4 front row seats. So worth it. She really sang and did her performance just for us, sitting right there in front watching her. Everyone was there to support and cheer her on. Grandparents and great grandparents. Tati and cousin.

Some photos from her big day. 

Greta's dress/cardigarn/shoes: GapKids

Hoping everyone enjoys their weekend. We have a movie night for the kids planned with a few friends, a boys' night out for Aaron and somewhere in there maybe mama can sleep in.