Lalaloopsy Part III Party Favors and Goody Bags

Jane and decided to make what the girls would get to take home, goody bags are always fun to put together, but to make everything go with the theme and be practical makes it all the more so!

These bags were to. die. for. Jane crafted them all by hand. And they were at the table when the girls sat down. The bags were so great because as they made things like their headband, received their prize, etc. they could stash it in their bag to take home. 

I could've sworn I got a close up of each individual bag, but the blue one is missing. The bags are from Michael's and Jane crafted the faces from felt. 

Inside each bag the little girls got a pack of crayons to go with their little Lalaloopsy coloring book. Jane lined up the crayons in a row and then taped washi tape around the crayons. The presentation was adorable, I just wish once again I photographed it. For the coloring book, I just used Word to make the document. I found the coloring pages on a facebook page, and then designed the cover and banner. Once I photocopied booklets at the copy store, I cut the books down to size, and then stapled each book together and then covered the spine with washi tape in a variety of colors. 


Greta and I also made little bookmarks for each bag. We used cardstock and duct tape. The width of the duct tape is what we used to cover the strip of cardstock front and back. We trimmed any excess paper that was sticking out and then hot glued a little button at the top. 

At the end of the party each girl was also given a little celophane bag to fill with gumballs and lollis from the centerpieces. And there you have the conclusion of our little Lalaloopsy Party. Now Jane and I will take a long nap for the season to recover.