Lalaloopsy Part II Games & Activities

Greta knew pretty much immediately which Lalaloopsy she wanted to dress up as for the party. They make little sister Lalaloopsy Dolls, and Bee Spells A Lot, has a little sister Reads A Lot, and that's the one she decided on. I do think it had something to do with the accessories, like the pink glasses. But I was happy to oblige. The thought that my daughter steered clear of a tutu style doll, and chose one with a little tie, I had to jump on that asap. The hardest part to find were the pink suspenders. Thank you Melrose for having random stores with random items like pink fake glasses and pink suspenders. 

Alissa was Peanut Big Top, complete with the purple hair, and red fingerless gloves. Love these girls so much. And I loved that Jane and I were able to do this for them, even if we were crafting crazy homemade costumes the night before. 

We had all the girls upon arrival get their little faces painted with the trademark lashes and cheeks. 

Once all the faces were done they sat down to eat and enjoy the food.

While the girls finished their food at different times, they took turns coming up and taking turns on the Pin the flower on Mango Tiki Wiki. I found an Etsy seller who sells the file for you to print at your local print store. 

Next the girls ran to the backyard for a button treasure hunt. Upon finding 15 buttons (Alissa and Greta hid them earlier that day) they received a little prize and came back in with their buttons. They then got to choose a Lalaloopsy bottle cap (also found on Etsy) and we made headbands. I had sewed the elastic ahead of time for the bands in different lengths for variety (larger/smaller heads) and then the girls got to design their headband with ribbon, buttons, etc. Jane and I were armed with glue guns for this part and so I don't have any photos during the activity, but here's some of the girls headbands complete. 

Next we decorated little button cookies. I baked sugar cookies ahead of time and when they were almost done baking, I poked a straw in the center four times to create the button shape. The girls frosted the cookies and then got to use different sprinkles to decorate.

They enjoyed cake before grabbing their goodies to take home. The last post I share will be the homemade goodie bags we put together.