new art school lesson ~ learning foreground

Today is an exciting day because there's a new art lesson post up over at Classic Play! I really really love getting to create something each and every time, and then seeing the reactions of the readers. Hopefully it's inspiring some art in homes all over. Also exciting is that a company decided to sponsor my column for the month! Classic Play is really creating such a wonderful community for creativity and play among families. And I love that I get to be a tiny part of that.

I definitely am no artist, but given the chance to instill a love for art in my children, I'll take that challenge. I see their love to create, in something as simple as a box, or a piece of paper, and watching it transform into another world, so great and wonderful as they are. We have a local museum on our to do list for summer, and hopefully some of you do too. Just get out there and see what will inspire you. And I hope that I come back from our visit with a whole slew of fresh new inspirations to put into lessons.