laguna niguel in instas

This past week has been pretty much dedicated to me working. Throw in a night of food poisoning for Aaron and a day of recovery, add in the vacation laundry, throw in two pilates classes, and why not add in a foot injury where I dropped a broken glass jar on my foot (the blood was not pretty and I'm still limping) plus a stiff neck/shoulder where I had to not only get a chiro adjustment, but also acupuncture and a lot of hot showers and ibuprofen and that sums us this crazy week back from vacation. So although I've loaded all our vacation photos and footage, I haven't even glanced at them. In the meantime here's a quick overview through Instagrams. 


1.vacation begins with lunch at las brisas and beach 2.club level at Ritz-no other way to do it 3.how can you NOT workout at the gym when this is the view 4.kids 5.finally i got a salad eater 6.someone snuck in our bed 7.poolside reading for everyone 8.obsessed with the sounds 9.post dinner beach rendezvous 10.beach and friends 11.waves 12.serious shrimp 13.dessert 14.poolside cuddles 15.beach 16.i brought a lot of hats 17.katsuya 18.playing with her food 19.he's like a teenager already 20.last beach day 21.caught a smile. 22.a little garden harvest waiting for our return home