Lalaloopsy Party Part I

If you have been around a little girl from the age of about 3-7 years of age, no doubt you have heard about Lalaloopsy dolls. But just in case you haven't go here. There is a whole Lalaloopsy world out there, and my daughter would like to be queen of it. 

I had decided earlier this year that we would not have a kids party this year. Last year I threw Greta the Alice in Wonderland party, and we did a big movie night outside. This year we did the theme parties for my kids' school auction and figured that would suffice. Oh contrare. As we were ending the school year Greta pointed out how unfair that she wouldn't have a party since only kids from school came to the movie nights, and what about all her other friends. Oh dear. I got the tears, I got the sad face. I was done. I caved. 

I decided to be brilliant this year and enlist my most creative and talented friend, Jane. Our girls are besties and it only makes sense we do a joint party. And can you believe our girls are 6 years old and this is the first time we've done it?! I think it's probably because if we do separate kid parties our kids get to attend double the parties. 

I knew she was throwing around the idea of a baking party, and I really like themes, so I suggested the Lalaloopsy theme and we can combine it with a baking activity. The ball got rolling and that was the end. We made our lists, divided the tasks, scoured pinterest and the web for inspiration, sent hundreds of texts and photos back and forth, and then we gave birth to the Lalaloopsiest of all Lalaloopsy parties. 

Just as a background, although we don't celebrate birthdays in this house, we do parties big. Here's just some of the parties I've thrown for my kids throughout the years, and seriously I'm sure I'm forgetting some:

Costume Preschool Grad party with Spiderman himself making an appearance

Water Party with slip and slide, water balloons/activities

Costume Party at the Santa Monica Pier carousel with balloon animals and face painter

Pinkalicious Tea Party

Outdoor Cinema Night

Alice in Wonderland party

Tumbleweed Camp Party with archery, petting zoo and field games

The girls really wanted to dress up so that was a whole undertaking in itself which I'll do in a separate post. For food we divided it into categories. For dessert, my mom was going to handle the cake, I was going to make mini donuts, make cookies for the kids to decorate, and colored chocolate button lollipops for the centerpieces. 

For kid food, Jane made the most adorable button pizza with olives as buttons, heart quesadillas, we had goldfish, and fruit salad in ice cream cones. For grown up food we had chinese chicken salad from a local restaurant and Jane made the yummiest caprese sandwiches wrapped in parchment paper and twine. 

I was pretty sure I had taken photos of the entire food table, but alas, I didn't (insert sad face). Here's some photos of the table centerpieces and just a couple of the food table.

lala 5.jpg

We had these embroidery hoops with all different fun fabrics hanging from the ceiling above the food table.

lala 2.jpg

I found at my local baking supply store a mold for the button lollis and used white chocolate and different food coloring to get the button lollipops. Once I heated the chocolate and mixed in the color, I poured it into the mold and inserted a stick before popping in the freezer for 5 minutes. 

lala 3.jpg

I had a ton of these berry baskets which we filled with gumballs and stuck all the different lollipops inside. Toward the end of the party the girls got to take home the gumballs and lollis in their favor bags. We had several of these centerpieces all along the center of the long table where the girls sat.

lala 6.jpg

The ice cream cone fruit salad was a super simple way to hold the fruit, and it was such a nice presentation too.

lala 7.jpg

The mini donuts were made with pumpkin muffin mix, chocolate or strawberry store bought frosting and little button decorations as sprinkles. The flags are made from toothpicks and washi tape.

lala 1.jpg

My mom took her job of the cake quite seriously and we debated and discussed the decorations for weeks. We knew the girls wanted to be surprised too, so we couldn't ask for their input on it. Greta did tell us she wanted there to be dolls on the cake, AND HER NAME. IT MUST HAVE HER NAME ON IT. I think it came out so cute, and it tasted awesome with chocolate cake and whipped cream frosting inside. 


I will make a separate post for the activities we did at the party, and one with the party favor bags and what we filled them with. Everything was handmade and just adorable. We didn't want to send people home with a bunch of junk that they won't use so we thought really hard about what the little girls would love. Success all around. Oh and wait til you see what the girlies looked like as their Lalaloopsy dolls. Come back next week to find out!