what summer looks like over here...

The start of our summer began with the last day of school, and since then here's a peek at what we've been up to. . . a la instagrams of course!

1.last day of school 2.kinder culmination 3.celebratory lunch at the counter complete with root beer floats 4.kitchen styling 5.running through sprinklers 6.jumping rope 7.major closet cleanouts 8.lots of gift wrapping or all our graduating friends 9.more closet overhauls 10.mama movie dates 11.daddy reading The Secret Garden to his girls 12.roof/gutter cleaning 13.getting ready with our bffs 14.romeo kissing his ballerina 15.a recital party for all the ballerinas 16.my kids know how to party 17.lingering baths 18.garden harvesting 19.dentist cleanings 20.lunch dates with dad 21.library runs 22.movie afternoons with my mama (moonrise kingdom, run don't walk)