hiking in los angeles

I think since we live in an urban city, most people don't understand just how beautiful southern california is. They think beaches when they hear southern california, but I think they don't realize just how close we are to lush greenery and vegetation, canyons and creeks. Right off the PCH is Temescal Canyon, minutes from our house, and as you cross Sunset Blvd. you can park and hike a number of trails right there. It's pretty exciting since our kids are finally old enough to hike the whole trail and make it to the waterfall. When I say waterfall, in summertime, I mean trickle into some little pools/ponds. But still it's so nice when you make it there and you can climb around and take a snack break before you hike back down. I think it's overall around 2-2.5 miles. The last half mile is the steepest part, but even that isn't too bad. However, no matter the weather, no matter the time of day, we always come prepared with snacks, power bars and water. On our way up there was a family on their way down and he was carrying his little girl (maybe 8 years old), she had passed out and they were rushing down the trail, I was able to hand them a power bar to feed her, and hopefully she was ok. They weren't even carrying a water bottle.

Some photos from our recent journey on July 4th. A few photos were in my last Instagram post, but here's the rest. Courtesy of my iPhone.