Yosemite- Mariposa Grove

My final Yosemite post. Sniff sniff. This was our last day in the park and we made sure to get there early. We had researched and discovered that the Mariposa Grove, which is just after the entrance to Yosemite Park, has a little over 2 mile walk from the first parking lot. But if you get there early enough you can park at the base of the grove. So instead of park, walk 2 miles, and THEN begin your hikes, we saved ourselves a lot of walking. 

We took a long outer loop trail to Faithful Couple, the Fallen Tunnel tree, the clothespin tree, Grizzly Giant, lots of well known sequioas that really just take your breath away. Fortunately we packed our snow boots since a lot of the trail still had fresh snow on it from the previous day. It was about a 2 1/2 hour hike total. 

Beware, lots of photos below. But how could I pare down, it was just too good to cut any out.