book post

We have been making lots of library trips the last few months. Greta is now reading to ME which is so exciting for a change. We still have the daily ritual of reading to the kids, I believe Aaron is reading a western to the boys by Louis L'Amour. They love it and are on the seat of the pants into it. 

For Greta we are still making our way through the Ramona Quimby series. She's right now on Ramona and Her Father, I have actually not read to her from this book at all, it's been all Aaron. But it definitely has been giving this little lady some ideas. For instance, the other day she told me she'd drop out of school in first grade if they tried to give her a boy teacher. 

On their own the kids have been reading:

Greta- Johnny Lion's Book- Greta does amazingly well when it comes to her sight words, I don't ever remember words like 'know' 'about' and 'little' being kindergarten sight words, but they are now. I wouldn't say she runs in the door and picks up a book to read, but when I ask her to read a few pages to me, she will do it. Which is big.

Sawyer- Alvin Ho- He laughs out loud when he reads these. They are fun and cute and I highly recommend them for any 2-3rd grader. 

Gunnar- Scat- Chomp- Flush- This series is a favorite of Gunnar's right now. I don't believe they have to be read in a certain order, but Gunnar began with Scat. He really has been enjoying them and I brought the ones home from the library today that he hasn't read yet and he was beyond thrilled.

I've been all over the place. I got the audiobook for Bossypants, and I have to say, haven't laughed out loud like that in a long time. Especially in my car. Alone. Parked. Waiting for school to be dismissed. Currently I'm reading The Sweet Life in Paris, and it's very good, with little dessert recipes sprinkled throughout. I like the humor and how real he is about Parisians and their temperament. 

Sawyer is also reading all things Leonardo da Vinci at the moment. He has a biography report and presentation due next week so if you'd like to know something about da Vinci, just ask him. It's like listening to an encyclopedia spew information at me.