disneyland-ing it... again

Yes, we went back for more! And I am happy to say that our passes have officially been made worth it. $$ speaking. Not bad for hitting the park 4 times in just 4 weeks. For this trip we went down on Sunday, had to say goodbye to Aaron before any of us really knew he was leaving early Monday morning. And the kids and I stayed on until Tuesday afternoon with my mom and sister and nephew. Braving Disneyland along with 3 kids is not something I am new to, I don't know how I did it in the past, but I used to go with a 4 yo, 2 yo and a baby, by myself! Insanity. Now that they are older, it's really not as bad. No strollers, no diaper bags, they go to the bathroom themselves, and they want to ride FUN rides finally! But still, spending overnight and handling the whole bedtime routine of 3 overtired and cranky, over sugared kids is not fun to do alone in a hotel room. But we survived. And here's our iphone pics to prove it. 

We started with lunch at Downtown Disney after checking in to the Grand Californian. The outside cafe was delish. 

We hit up Disneyland for the afternoon, and then headed to California Adventure for dinner and rides. 

Kids first time on the Matterhorn. Classic ride.


And more refueling.

My nephew arrives.

Day 2 we had Magic Morning at California Adventure, so we peeled ourselves out of bed, and headed straight to Cars Land. We hit 2 of the 3 rides before the park opened at 8 to the public. Cars Land is INSANE right now, if you don't get into the park early, stay clear of this place. The fast passes for Radiator Springs is gone within the first 40 minutes, for the rest of the day! 

You will never see Cars Land this deserted. Imagine 500,000 more people on this street.

Even with the early entrance, we still had an hour wait for this ride. But it was worth it. Best ride in the entire park. When we got off the ride, the wait became 3.5 hours!!!

We love the Wilderness Camp, one of the kids' favorite places to play and explore.

Our bffs arrived.

Talk with Crush is a great 20 minute break in a cool air conditioned theater that's still interactive and fun for the kids. 

I don't think Greta really knows who Handy Manny is, but he was standing there and no one was taking a picture with him so we kinda felt bad for him. 

Next time I might have to bring my own stroller.

By our 11th hour on day 2 we were starting to fray a bit at the edges. But we pulled it together for Space Mountain, Star Tours and Buzz.

Day 3

First stop. Thunder Mountain.


We all were turning a bit crazy by the end....

I even broke down and purchased ears for everyone.

If you need any pointers on Disney, ask away, or shoot me an email. There's a whole science to the fast pass/line system and we've become masters at it. Even in summer time with big crowds we manage to ride dozens of them in a day.