Kraft Paper Table Runner and Pots DIY

When Jane's sister and I were brainstorming for the anniversary party, we decided on the colors tomato and navy and tried to have everything coordinate. Lots of white as well was a plus since Jane loves white. I had a difficult time finding lots of items I needed in these colors, so I ended up using a lot of spray paint. I had these two old Trader Joe's pots that were sitting empty, so I decided to head to my local hardware store for some glossy navy and tomato spray paint. 

These became the utensil holders for knives and forks. Thank you Martha Stewart office collection for the handy labels. 

Next was some kind of table scape. I knew I wanted to do succulents in white pots and hydrangeas, but I didn't know what was going to be beneath them. I considered buying some white fabric and spray painting that, but there was no telling how it'd turn out, and then I had spent money on several yards of fabric! So I decided that my regular brown kraft paper would have to do, and if it turned out awful, no worries. 

I created a template out of construction paper that looked like this. I love chevron, so that was my goal. 

And then I created a second one the exact same, so that there would be a little chevron pattern sticking out between the two templates, and that's what I would be painting. 

Don't be alarmed, I took it back to the alley for the actual painting part. I have a thing with overspray that I am not very good at. I made sure to weigh my templates down really well, so as little as possible paint would creep under the templates. Then I just took turns moving the templates on down and rotating the paint colors. Until I had something like this. 

I knew there would be platters and pots on the table so it would just be in the background, but I thought it came out really cute and it was a big hit at the party. You can see it underneath here. The pots are from Ikea, the succulents from my local nursery. The hydrangea vases are also from Ikea. I think the food table ended up being young, modern, and on trend.