This weekend was a big blur, headed to Vegas with my sister and cousin Friday morning for a 36 hour work trip. We are all in the beauty industry in one way or another, so we attended the Skin and Hair Conferences. It was ex.haust.ing. yet fun and productive at the same time. We came, we accomplished, we left. 

Only to return to a full day Sunday of normal things like laundry, cleaning, and working most of the day on inventory and seeing clients that night. 

Here's some iPhone highlights:

We were staying in a brand new renovated condo 5 minutes from the strip, 3 bedrooms, and we end up in one bed. Long story, but my sister had an encounter with something that involved us tearing her room apart until we located said item.

It looked like this. See the mug in the corner?

Then the bravest girl of all dealt with it. 

In case you don't know my sister, she's not a good bedmate. She likes to tell you stories. . . . in her sleep. . .  About nonsense. And at first you think she is really talking, and then as she goes on, you realize, she's crazy. So McKenna and I were awoken and we shot up in bed because when someone tells you there's people walking around your house, you believe them. But when that someone tells you that it's a housekeeper and her two sons walking around your house, and it's 2am, you kind of wonder if they are being for real. Then that someone proceeds to tell you that she's really upset she can't remember the names of the 2 boys. And then that someone flops back down on the bed and sleeps. Yeah, that's annoying. And exhausting. And that was our night in a nutshell along with several squeals when that same someone thought that the palm tree's shadow was a strange man on the balcony. 

Much to our mothers' delight we were not kidnapped, or followed, we came home in one piece, chose the names to our future dozen children if we ever have them, and reinforced the idea that my sister is still the worst person you can share a bed with. I lived with that for 19 years. Every vacation. Every slumber party. And now I pity my brother in law.