this weekend will be spent celebrating my best friend, oh yeah and her husband too! 10 years of marriage for them, and that is something to celebrate. lots of chopping, cooking, furniture moving, and cleaning will no doubt go on in the next 24 hours. 

we added lots of garden goodness last night to our backyard. we let loose ladybugs, praying mantises, carnivorous snails that go after the eggs and slugs of those pesky damaging garden snails, earth worms, and we added some compost excelerator to our compost since it has not been turning to soil like it should. our snap peas and tomatoes are doing amazingly well, our bell pepper plants seem to be flowering, and our edamame and cucumber seeds have turned into nice little plants, the basil has not done quite as well, and the lettuce is not thriving like ihoped. but it's ok, it's all about figuring what works. the radishes i think are doing great, and just yesterday we planted a whole layer of wheat grass in our old red wagon, so we'll see how that develops. we added some organic fertilizer to our lemon tree and blueberries as well. 

i still swoon every time i read a blog from someone who has chickens in their backyard. those little chicken coops. those fresh eggs. the kids who get to play with and chase them. alas, it's not in the cards and i've come to accept that admiring from a far is all i will get to enjoy. 

we are in the process of handing out our family's end of year presents to our teachers and school friends. i got each teacher an anthropologie mug with their first initial on it and inside we placed a coffee bean giftcard, and a labeled treat, like dark chocolate almonds, or chocolate caramels, along with a hot chocolate spoon we made. just a wooden spoon dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles. freeze to harden and then place in a clear bag with label. so far every one has been a hit. two more to go next week. i can only carry so many anthro mugs in my hands at one time. ;)

i had my last art lesson in sawyer's class today, and received 24 homemade thank you cards for the kids. it warmed my heart to read things like "i wish you came twice a week to teach art", or "my favorite lesson was..."

a new art lesson will be posted some time next week and i'll be sure to link to it as soon as it goes live. i really am digging this little side writing/art job. it's so satisfying for me to be able to share little ideas that i have for my children's class and see other families appreciate them. 

it's not all rainbows and lollipops over here, so don't get the wrong idea. we still get lots of family drama and hurt feelings like any normal family. but i choose to focus on the good because there's just so much bad out there. however there are definitely days that just seem bad all around and i'd really like to push the fast forward button. 

hope you have a lovely weekend, be back next week!