Garden Update

A few weekends ago, the weekend I sprained my ankle *sniff* we planted our garden. Well, I planted what I could Friday afternoon prior to the ankle spraining, and then Aaron did the rest Saturday while I directed. We decided not to take on a winter garden. I thought about taking it slow and learned a lot this past summer, so I didn't want to ruin my mojo. I also was afraid of the soil not being able to handle another round right after we pulled up the last of summer's crop. So we just let the soil rest and added some compost and new soil and waited. 

We had a cold March and April, so I ended up waiting until the end of April to do our planting. Here's our list of crops we hope to grow this year:

Tomatoes- both heirloom and cherry, about 5 varieties


Heirloom lettuce

Swiss Chard- new one for us

Bell Pepper- *new

Kale- *new

Spring salad mix- *new

Snap Peas- *new

And we are growing from seeds the following:




Cucumbers (I think, must check with Aaron)

It looks beautiful right now and my first tomatoes of the season are blooming. We decided to skip carrots and onions this year. It just didn't yield that much when compared to how well our spinach and tomatoes did, so we decided to branch out and try a few new ones. 

All the photos below I snapped with my iphone one morning last week.

my little assistant this weekend