instagrams of the week













1.sprained ankle 2.aaron channeling angelina 3.hip hop 4.my bus buddies 5.field trip 6.underwood farms 7.prints arrived 8.contributor news 9.spring concert part 1 10.spring concert part 2 11.bible charades 12.um, yes please 13.old school for the anniversary presents 14.family math and science night 15.greta getting rolled over by the mars rover 16.gunnar in a solar robots workshop 17.disney pass dilemma 18.credit?at nordstrom! 19.costco grandpa date 20.costco grandpa lunch date 21.hilarity 22.joy 23.she gives me warning when she is "gonna lick" me 24.zipline kids party 25.sleepover for the girls 26.and the moms 27.morning 28.cousins 29.family 30.zia and her boy 31.prepping for summer already