hip hop

Oh this girl loved her hip hop class. It took mild convincing for Aaron to let her take the class, but once he found out the music was really just pop, he was on board. I think secretly he hopes Greta will teach him some moves. Shhhh.

Her recital was the day we left for Disneyland. So it was a full full day let me tell you. But this girl just powered through, and got up there like this ain't no thing, and did her thing. I have video of her recital, she did 2 songs, but I have so much video to upload and edit it's kind of too overwhelming to contemplate right now. Between the boys' music recital, Gunnar's screenplay, and Greta's dance recital, it'll just have to wait until summer arrives. Not only that, we're about to enjoy Greta's kinder graduation performance in a few weeks, so what's the hurry. Might as well spend a torturous video upload day and get it all done at once.