Yosemite- Vernal Falls

This was definitely our most challenging hike. For everyone. This one we did not do much research on, and had I, we probably would not have attempted it. But every last person made it. Barely. It was an extremely steep incline, I mean "hard breathing, stop to catch my breath" breathing within the first 10 minutes of the climb. This is probably why I have so few photos on the hike, although on the video you can see more of this particular hike. The thought of pulling out my camera from the backpack was too overwhelming to contemplate. But I did manage a few. If you have little kids that are not experienced hikers, I would pass on this one. But if you like a challenge, definitely worth the views. Be sure you pack water on this one since there are signs posted not to drink from any springs off this climb.

By the time we made it out of the park this day it was about 6pm so we decided to pull over at the Tunnel View again and see the view from a different time of day. Glad we did.