instagram of late





1.ready to go on our date 2.date with the hubs 3.yes, we went to see radiolab for our date 4.garden progress 5.new shoes 6.she's a fish 7.ready for summer 8.recital costume 9.practicing 10.hospital visit goodies 11.library run 12.gunnar's screenplay 13.proud mama 14.boys in charge of late night snack 15.mexico lesson on guacamole 16.the biebs 17.soap making 18.why not 19.she forged a card from us 20.harvested spinach 21.field trip 22.report typing 23.sawyer finishing one report 24.and starting another 25.love snotes 26.snap peas 27.airport run 28.new product delivery 29.May date card 30.party in my car 31.spray painting 32.dinner 33.movie night, stove top popped popcorn, and a 3 day weekend 34.pantry organizing 35.more spray paint projects 36.green tomatoes