Mrs Meyers Hand Soap

I am a big fan of Mrs Meyers line of cleaning products and hand soap. I have an assortment of cleaning products and I'm constantly trying and changing what we use. I try to be green for as much as possible, but some favorites are hard to find substitutes for. A few things I choose to spend my money on as I get older seem trivial, but oh they make this mama happy. For instance, we started using Mrs Meyers dishwasher tablets, and who knew unloading the dishwasher (my most dreaded chore) could be exciting again? I also love their countertop spray for our kitchen. But the thing I'm most obsessed with is their handsoap. 

I'm not such a fan of the price, but it's one thing I will splurge on. So when perusing Pinterest I saw a diy tutorial for making a gallon of Mrs Meyers handsoap for the cost of one 12 oz bottle. Sold. I thought what's the harm in trying. 

What you'll need is:

1 bar of Mrs Meyers soap (kind of difficult to find, I ended up buying one on Amazon when I was making a purchase and needed to hit $25 to get free shipping)

2 oz of liquid glycerin - found at your local drugstore or CVS


1 gallon of water

Sounds pretty basic right? Excuse the iphone photos.


First step is to grate the entire bar of soap. Definitely a bicep workout. I had my kids all take turns helping me grate until we got it done. 

Next fill up a pot with 1 gallon of water and add your soap shavings and 2 ounces of liquid glycerin. Put heat on med high and stir until the soap shavings are dissolved and you end up with soapy water.

Next turn the heat off and let sit for 12 hours. I finished in the afternoon and didn't touch it til the next morning. You will notice in 3-4 hours that it starts to harden. The last step I forgot to photograph. But after 12 hours you want to take a hand blender or mixer to and add a little water if it seems thick or clumpy. After hand blending and adding about a half cup of water I was ready to pour into containers. 

I reused our cleanse bottles from Pressed Juicery to hold our new hand soap. This made well over a gallon of hand soap, so for the cost of the bar soap and some glycerin, we got lots and lots of it!

When it's time to refill my soap containers I just give a little shake to the bottle and pour in, and my house and hands once again smell like Mrs Meyers without the hefty price tag.