Anniversary Gift Ideas

This is the part of the anniversary that I've been working on since our last anniversary. A whole year. Not that it should really take a year to put together but I decided to take my time. I saw this idea on pinterest, but they were just manila envelopes with the month printed on the front. 

I put together one date for each month of the year, starting in May, ending in April. Each envelope corresponds to a month that has a little card in it with information on what the date will be. If there needs to be pictures to go with the date you will find that in the envelope, if there are giftcards you will find that too. Each month when Aaron opens up that month's envelope I will share what it is with all of you. He is only allowed to open one month at a time. This way we can celebrate our anniversary and marriage all year long, and it also forces us to make time for just the two of us. Which we really don't do very often at all. However, some dates sprinkled throughout the year may be a "family date", we will all just have to wait and see.

For May, the date is an early afternoon (date TBD) when the kiddies are in school and it's a shopping trip just for Aaron. He found an Amex giftcard and gift certificates to Gap/Banana Republic and we will get to go pick out some new duds for my main man. FYI, Aaron loves to shop so this is very exciting for him. However if shopping is torturous for your husband, I would refrain from making this one of your dates. ;)

anniv 1.jpg
anniv 2.jpg