he’s good to me

Aaron knows I have a small obsession with blowing candles out, probably because the first time I blew a candle out was at a restaurant a few years ago. We were with my mom and sister and brother in law and the restaurant knew we were celebrating our anniversary. Out came a beautiful dessert with a solitary candle lit on top. If you saw my face you would've probably laughed. And as I took a big deep breath in, because you know I wasn't quite sure how much force I would need to blow out a single solitary lone candle, right at that moment, Aaron took a quick breath and poof, and that was it. He blew it out. Without me. Everyone thought it was hilarious, except for me. Not so funny. So what did I have them do? Well, I wasn't about to let him take all the glory of my very first candle blowing experience. So we relit the candle and I had my turn. 

So to my surprise and laughter, in walked Aaron last weekend with this 12 candle ice cream sandwich from one of my favorite dessert places, Diddy Riese. That's joy people. Pure joy. And he did not try to steal my candle thunder this time around.

He also was extremely sweet and thoughtful with what to get me this year. 


Anniversary Pressies from the hubs


And yes, I am just discovering Polyvore, pretty neat way to put together sets or templates. Aaron also surprised me with an adorable new vintage sleep set. It's a colorblock nightgown and matching robe and slipper set. A.dorable.
Take a look at the slippers. Which by the way I think my grandma may own the exact set. 
Next up, my final surprise for Aaron. One that I would highly recommend for couples with kids, or if you want a creative idea for an anniversary gift.