Gifts and Pressies and Wonderfulness

Our anniversary was pretty awesome. We began celebrating a few days before and make it a week long celebration because you know me, I like me some anniversary love. We go big in this house. Go big or go home right?! I don't get couples who don't celebrate their marriage with much. I don't mean big spending, just thoughtfulness. Cards, flowers, special dinner, whatever! 

We had little his and hers piles growing over the last few weeks, and we really were into surprising the other with our finds. 

This is where I have to give major props to Aaron being a Pinterest member, made my life SO much easier. I loved browsing his boards and getting inspiration or downright hints for his presents. 

The kids were going to have a little present from the three of them for Aaron so we chose this awesome moustache tie clip

I also noticed he's been eyeing an old school calculator watch. Yeah, we go geek sometimes. Found this baby on ebay.

I wanted to get him a 'home' present and knew he'd flip over a new Pendleton blanket. 

I can't find an image of the exact one I ordered, but it's similar to this one. 

He's a major tea drinker. So I ordered a few items to fuel his tea obsession from Teavana.

I got him a new to go loose leaf tea infuser and a green bamboo serving tray, because you just can't be too fancy when you're drinking tea. 

He's been eyeing my flashy earbuds for over a year so I decided to splurge on some Monster ibeats for him. 

We went out for a celebratory family dinner Saturday night. We let the kids pick and they chose burgers and root beer floats so The Counter it was. 

I had to work Friday night, and Aaron had to work Saturday, so we met up at The Counter between his calls and it was lovely. The kids were so cute, they thought the root beer floats were heavenly. 

Some other beautiful presents we received from our family and friends this last week?

My bread machine got a girlfriend, Nigella Lawson's bread bin. She's a beaute!

If you know me, you know that you cannot go wrong at Anthropologie. :)

I will share the thoughtful things that Aaron got for me in a separate post, and my last and final surprise for him. I won this year. I totally won. ;)