I don't know about you, but I'm pretty happy when I look at the calendar and see that the month of May has come. We are that much closer to summer break and summer trips and sleeping in and beaches and fun. Also comes all the end of school year busy-ness. Greta's kindergarten culmination, sniff sniff, the boys have their music recital, Gunnar has a very big performance coming up where his screenplay will be performed on stage, Greta has two dance recitals and most of all I look forward to the lack of emails and coordinating that I will not have to do for three classes. Can.Not.Wait.

I think the beginning of the month also breeds hope that maybe this month, this time, we will stick to our monthly budget. Not likely, but we're hopeful right. April saw a lot of things go wrong and a lot of expenses that came with it. New glasses for me and Sawyer (his are coming soon), a broken water heater, two, that's TWO parking tickets, we planted our garden which is a good thing but still a big expense, I can go on but I won't bore you with more horribleness. 

Instead let's focus on the postives that will happen in May...

Also May is the month of our ANNIVERSARY! And anniversaries are always good in this house. I have been planning Aaron's since LAST year on our anniversary. He showed me up so big last year that I had to be creative this year. And I'm hoping it all goes off swimmingly. Thank goodness for Pinterest, it was a very nice peek inside his wish list and his mind. 

As soon as we exchange and celebrate this weekend/next week I will share details. I think guy gifts can be difficult, especially when your husband is not really into sports games. I mean how easy would buying a pair of Laker or Clippers tickets, or a suite to a game and him inviting his closest guy friends? But alas, I don't think that would thrill him. So I had to get my creative juices flowing. 

We are planning a trip to Disneyland for new annual passes, it's been a few years and Romeo is ready to experience the glory of the happiest place on earth, and his cousins are more than happy to school him on it. 

I spotted our very first tomato. Joy of joys. Those babies make me so happy. 

We have a fun cocktail party to look forward to, along with the kids' school International Festival.

I think May will be a good month indeed....