Our first day at Fish Camp/Yosemite

The trip got off to a rocky start. The day before we were planning to leave I took all the kids to the doctor and our diagnoses were 1 eye infection, 2 sinus infections, and 1 upper respiratory infection. Yeah, not good. Greta was the only one running a fever and the doctor didn't want me to travel with her until the fever went down. That night and the next morning it was evident this little girl wasn't going to be able to leave on schedule. Picture 8:30am, all of us freshly washed and dressed, bags packed, and Greta sound asleep with a fever hovering around 101 degrees. The conversation went back and forth on what we should do. 

In the end it was decided that there was no guarantee when her fever would break so I didn't want everyone missing the trip. We decided I'd stay back and hope her fever broke sometime Friday and then I could drive up with her and join everyone. Our group was 15 people so Aaron and the boys drove up as planned with my parents on schedule. Greta and I hung out taking naps and alternating Motrin and Tylenol and watching movies. I ended up doing a lot of laundry and cleaning the house so at least I figured if I ever made it up to Yosemite I'd come home to a clean house. At about 3am that night/next morning her fever broke and she was a sweaty mess in my bed. At about 5am I moved her to her own bed and at 7:00am I heard her declare from her bed "I feel PERFECT! We can go to Yosemite!" Just the news I was waiting for. I hopped in the shower, loaded our car and started out trek up to Yosemite at 8:30am. 

The forecast for this day was rain and rain indeed. It rained from the time we drove away from our house through the grapevine and then finally it cleared. We made it to Fresno for our first stop which is pretty major since we had no working dvd player! Yes, a 5 year old, no siblings, no passengers, just me and her and NO MOVIE to watch, oh and since she was feeling so much better, no naps were taken either. We arrived at Tenaya Lodge shortly after 1pm and found the crew of 13 in the bar having lunch after their morning hike. Just after we arrived it started to pour rain which quickly turned to snow. Thank goodness I left when I did because I'm not such a confident driver in snow. I only drive in snow in Mammoth, and that's only once a year, and not always is there a snowstorm every year we are there. 

The snow was gorgeous, big beautiful flakes and I snapped these during the snowfall and the morning after.