Instagramming It

Here's some Instagrams of the last few weeks. Did you know Android users now have an Instagram app?! Yep, so if you have an Android you can join the fun. I'm amharju. I'll do a separate post of Yosemite Instagrams. Laundry is finally complete so I can start editing our spring break photos!













1.cleanse time 2.cowgirl day at school 3.art show 4.not helping 5.yogurt family date 6.dad date 7.auction 8.auction basket loot 9.mother daughters movie date 10.more juicing 11.pilates 12.green 13.new trilogy 14.almost done 15.library run 16.Greta's first pair of Hunters 17.she likes greens 18.my date outfit with katniss and peeta 19.ingredients 20.bars 21.cookie exchange 22.matching 23.groceries 24.juicing 25.don draper 26.reflection 27.art 28.4th grade art show 29.2nd grade art show 30.kinder art show 31.dinner 32.field trip 33.color 34.sculpture 35.her writing 36.grets 37.chicken soup 38.lost and found shard of glass in my heel 39.waiting for her fever to break