Open House- Greta

Open House was a few weeks back, and sadly it was my very last Open House performance. There's something so bittersweet about watching your last babe do their hula performance and sing "Elephants Have Wrinkles" while watching the slideshow of pictures throughout the school year. She has changed so much this year. Her confidence, her ability to express herself and stand up for herself in front of others, she has blossomed so much more than I could've wished for. Love this girl. She was so proud this night to show all of us her work. It happened to fall on a Wednesday night so Nanni and Papa joined us which made it even more exciting to show off all her accomplishments. 

The letter we received when we sat down at her desk. I sure will miss this writing one day. 

A bonus to having a really tiny kid? For all her performances and concerts she's in the first row. :)