exciting news- new contributor

I am so excited to share a new writing adventure. I was contacted by Jennifer of Classic Play to become a contributor to her site which is chock full of amazing inspiration. I was interviewed about a year ago by them for their Creative Family Series, and so I was beyond thrilled when she asked me to blog a new column for them twice a month, Art School. 

My first post was published today. I will be doing a twice monthly column for them that will focus on art lessons geared for elementary school children. It will span all the grades and hopefully will be inspiring to parents all over. Years ago when Gunnar started kindergarten I took the plunge as an art docent at his school. There's quite a few of us, and we've been briefly trained by an art program called PS Arts. We really try to bridge the gap between art and their curriculum. I hate going in and just doing a random project that doesn't have to do with a particular theme they are studying about. 

Please head on over and show some love for this very new and exciting part of my life. It's pretty amazing to be monetarily compensated for something I love to do. Blogging and art. I will do a link each time I post on Classic Play, but I highly recommend you add it to your Reader and check out the daily posts.