catching up through Instagram

I feel like Instagram is the only way I can keep up with everything going on. I still have more Open House night photos to share and strawberry picking, along with the rest of Yosemite. I have one fun and exciting announcement tomorrow to make, but after that there may be radio silence for awhile why I try to catch up on blog posts. 

1.honest abe 2.making bars 3.yum 4.sleepover 5.memorial reading 6.spring break at barnes and noble 7.scrabble 8.cousins 9.blow out 10.treats 11.spring break morning 12.strawberry picking 13.post strawberry picking 14.baking on his own 15. success 16.practice 17.post special talk luncheon 18.food 19.editing 20.kindergarten yard duty 21.grocery shopping with zia 22.zia is pretty funny 23.mystery children 24.fresh bread 25.library run 26.field trip to the Getty 27.learning 28.touring 29.finally, grass fed milk 30.decisions decisions 31.babysitting 32.our high chair is just a smidge short 33.soso in need of new chonies 34.art lesson prep 35.4th graders 36.wrapping presents 37.bright 38.teacher presents 39.ballet tuesday 40.more bars 41.glasses shopping 42.new iphone case 43.earth day project 44.not the most relaxing way to have a facial 45.roro's turn 46.all gone 47.planting time 48.baba with zia 49.gardening 50.rollerskating 51.kids' meeting 52.library cleanout 53.skates 54.tile painting 55.greta reading to me for a change