Art Show

The week before spring break was the kids' school art show. It's an annual event and each year I personally think it gets better and better. Being the art docent for 3 classes means I'm responsible for 3 classes' worth of art show projects. Fortunately for Sawyer's class I share my duties and she had a brilliant idea to do a Louise Nevelson piece. The other two I had to come up with on my own. This year's theme was Collaboration. We do about 3-4 lessons with the kids on these pieces, so multi step is ideal, and really driving home that theme of unity and working together. 

For Gunnar's class I decided to feed off their social studies and geography lesson plan. I thought looking at the United States and how all the states collaboratively work together to form a country would be a good start. Here's the write up I did for their pieces. 

I loved the multi media collage the kids created, here's Gunnar in front of the state he did, Michigan.

Sawyer's class' sculpture piece was amazing, I mean it turned out spectacular! The hardest part for us was just all the spray painting of the boxes we had to do. The district wouldn't let the kids take part in spray painting so we had to do it all at home. The end result was worth it. The class lessons were based on the ancestry unit they were studying, so each child had a box that reflected a country of their heritage. For Sawyer it was Finland, you can see the jigsaw wood piece of the country, along with the reindeer, swedish fish :) and the bolts and screws representing his ancestor's carpentry profession.

Here's the write up for his class, I didn't have to write this one, so props to the fellow mom who did!

For Greta's class we had a lot of fun with the kids. We broke the kids up into groups and each group was in charge of creating a head, body or legs. Then we worked together to create fun and unique creations by matching up these different body parts. 

Here's the explanation I did for her kindergarten class. 

And Greta in front of her group's creation, she did the head.

The show was full of so many amazing projects. Here's a few of my favorites.