f&f couponing

Just in case you haven't heard or live under a rock or something, Gap is having their friends and family sale through the weekend. If you have a gap/banana/old navy card it entitles you to 40% off the entire store! Everything. Ev-ery-thing!! If you don't have a card, I highly recommend getting one. I don't really participant in too many store/cc options, but a few are very well rewarding. The ones I do own are Banana Republic, I rarely walk into a gap or banana store without a $10 reward coupon from points. I also love the Target red card, 5% off everything, and free online shipping. And then lastly, my Nordstrom, gotta love the Nordstrom Notes they send out. 

Here's a look at a few items I got at the 40% sale yesterday. 


Cute huh? And you'd be pretty jelly if I told you how much each thing cost.