sweet and salty bars

I recently pinned inspiration to my Pinterest board for sweet and salty bars. Jane had a cookie exchange party last weekend and I wanted something on the healthy side since I was just coming off of my cleanse. These turned out really really good. 

Probably the most difficult part was finding all the ingredients which I was very glad my local Whole Foods had it all. Well, except for rolled wheat, that I skipped since no one near me carried that in stock. But a rough breakdown of what you'll need for these delightful bars are:

Pitted dates-I only found regular dates so I just took the pits out myself

Rolled oats

Flax Seeds


Salted Sunflower Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Chocolate bits

It's pretty easy, no baking required. You food process the dates until they are mashed and sticky, transfer to large mixing bowl and just start adding your ingredients in, you mix everything in by hand until the dates can't hold together anything else. Then you press it into a cookie sheet(lined with wax paper), and freeze for an hour. Then cut into bars and voila, you're done. I preferred to eat the bars cold so I kept them in a gallon size freezer bag and just pull one out whenever I want. They are great breakfast snacks for me or before I work out. 

For the cookie exchange I placed a bar into a little white paper bag and closed with washi tape.