Oversized Print DIY Project

As soon as we received our disc from Ashlee's photo session with us, I went to work on adding new photos to old frames or empty spots. One area is the studio where I work, it has a huge empty wall above my work space. The room is very tranquil and calm for my facial clients and I wanted something without a frame and muted colors or black and white for that area. I decided to give this tutorial a try from one of my favorite design blogs. 

I put an image on a flash drive and headed to my nearest FedEx Office (formerly Kinko's), I didn't really remember what print I'd be asking for so I pretended like I did. "Can I please print this image on your drafting printer, the largest it comes?" Sure. About 4 minutes and $9 later I was headed to the car, skipping a little with happiness that it actually worked!

Here's a shot of it on the floor next to my foot for comparison. It's printed on 3ft by 4ft paper. And don't worry about resolution, the photographer didn't give me the full resolution of the file so I wasn't sure how pixelated it would be, but I was willing to risk it for $9.

I went to my nearest art store and bought for about $6 some white foam board in the largest size they had.

I also purchased for about $5 antique gold acrylic paint for the edge of the board. 

I painted the edges of the foam board and had to go over it about 2-3 times because of all the nooks and crannies on the foam.

Next I measured out the foam board onto my print and trimmed the excess with my exacto knife. 

I forgot to take a photo of the adhesive I used, but it's by Elmer's and it's a spray adhesive you can get at your art store for about $6, it's made for foam board and cardboard. Aaron helped me spray the board and then we placed the photo onto the board and smoothed all the bubbles out. 

I used picture hanging tabs so I didn't have to nail anything to the wall permanently.

Later that night I snapped this with my iphone, excuse the Instagram pixelated look.