With the first day of Spring yesterday Aaron and I started our 3 day cleanse from Pressed Juicery. Most of you know I like to read a lot, I really like being an informed person, and I do my research well. I even planned this cleanse to commence on the first day of spring not haphazardly. The start of a new season is the optimal time to do a cleanse. It's a little longer than the one we did last year, and a little more intense since we chose the next level up but overall it's very similar. Lots of drinking, lots of leafy greens, lots of peeing.

Why did we decide to do this? Well, we have gone back and forth and back and forth on purchasing a juicer for months. We knew we wanted one, we just didn't know which one. After lots of research, video watching, reading of reviews, and talking to fellow juicers we decided on the Omega VRT350HD.

We were sold on the whole masticating, slow juice method, and if we were going to invest in something we wanted it to last a really long time and give optimal results. Since we were going to purchase this as our "tax refund present to ourselves" we decided to make sure it would coincide with the end of the 3 day cleanse. Aaron and I have been super super busy lately, had some trouble sleeping, energy levels weren't great. So we both decided a cleanse was needed. I won't go into the benefits of doing a cleanse (and we are talking NOT about losing weight), but for me it was needed to kick start my body again, replace the alkaline state that unfortunately for all of us is acidic 99.9% of our lives. 

Aaron and I both hate life on the first day of the cleanse and this time was no different, but just a little bit (as in hours) ago I felt myself turn the corner. It's always around day 2 that I notice a change in myself. We've experimented with our juicer, but unfortunately I haven't tasted anything myself, but the kids love it. I can't wait to finish this cleanse and start incorporating fresh juice into our daily lives. Just this morning I juiced about 25 clementines and have fresh juice waiting for the kids when they get home from school. 

Why juice and not just eat all the fruit and vegetables whole? Well, honestly I cannot eat 4 pounds of kale, can you? But I can drink it, and with it all the healthiest and richest nutrients and vitamins without the added bulk. The kids' most favorite drink they've tried this week? Carrot, kale, apple and orange. They requested that specifically for their lunch one day instead of their usual water. And I will happily oblige. 

I love the experimenting that we can do with unusual combinations the kids wouldn't normally try. I also cannot wait to watch a whole slew of documentaries (you know I love my documentaries), Forks Over Knives, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, etc.

So there you have our latest and greatest of our kitchen appliances. Happy health everyone! Think of me when you bite into your dinner tonight as I will be drinking mine.