officially done

After weeks, okay, a few months, of a lot of tweaking, hair pulling, frustrating emails, and just a few tears, this site is finally complete. I was able to add some photos into the sidebar on the right, and finally figured out the email subscription issue, and so hopefully you are now getting the nightly/early morning email whenever I've posted something new from the previous day. I subscribed myself just to make sure it was working. It's been challenging to say the least. Remind me in the future that I never ever want to be a web designer. Not a good thing for this lady over here. Or her husband. 

Some things I'm working on:

-recovering from a busy week at the kids' school, I keep asking myself if Friday is here yet?

-getting ready for a 3 day cleanse next week with Aaron

-finally pulling the trigger on a juicer, more details in a separate post about which one we chose

-and editing this little family's recent photo shoot, more on that too