Instagram Life

If you're on Instagram, you can find me at amharju. Love this little app. It keeps me up to snuff with all my friends and I love Insta-stalking people who post inspiring photos. Here's what we've been up to recently. 





1.Target, why do you do this to me every time? 2.Pitfire Pizza 3.Pop 4.Mimosas for my weekend clients 5.Oscar Party 6.rainy day hot chocolate 7.no excuse 8.my ballerina 9.sad combination 10.wish we had the whole collection 11.32 oz of Mod Podge, gone 12.cozy family worship 13.gum surgery 14.Sawyer won his math competition 15.air hockey queen 16.early morning partners 17.stroller love 18.i'm too old to change diapers in cars 19.almost bedtime 20.Loraz 21.popcorn time 22.new drink obsession 23.patting myself on the back for filing our taxes all by myself 24.soft foods lunch 25.hip hop 26.fashion plates 27.new read aloud for the boys 28.Thrifty ice cream 29.a smidge of organization among the chaos 30.New Girl laughter 31.had to go without for an entire week 32.Gap 33.the face of a relieved cavity free boy 34.my three kids battled colds 35.three's a crowd 36.late afternoon snack of sunbutter and brown rice cake 37.editing my favorite family's photo shoot 38.greta sandwich 39.Cirque du Soleil time 40.tent 41.suprise lunch at Urth Cafe 42.my kindergarten admirer strikes again, with cows this time 43.lots of chopping 44.mama and sawyer really needed a reward today.