2012 Family Photo Time

It's been two years since the last time we had our family photos taken and I have been itching to get them done again. Two years is a long time in little people world, and already the kids have lost teeth, grown teeth, longer hair, taller legs, I could go on. I have been following a photographer for about two years now and finally just pulled the trigger and booked the shoot for February. Ideally, probably not the best time of year but if I didn't do it then I wasn't going to do it. Then the challenge of finding 10 outfits began. Whoa. Big job. But so glad we decided to change part way through. Who knows when the next time will be that we can do this again.

I've updated the About tab with some photos as well, just click on the page 'About' above. 

And now please enjoy an overload of photos, courtesy of Ashlee Raubach Photography. And when I say this is a small sampling of the photos, I mean it! I'm sure you will see more sprinkled in through the kids birth day posts or whenever I'm feeling like they are getting too big too fast!