I’ve said for years how much we as a family enjoying reading aloud at night. The boys have been read to for years and years. We introduced them to chapter books very early on and it’s the highlight to their day. A week or two ago we finished Treasure Island, the original version, and although it took quite a few stops and starts to explain some big nautical vocabulary words, the boys loved it.

We are big Gary Paulsen fans in this house and loved Hatchet. Now we are onto Brian’s Winter. It’s an alternate ending to Hatchet and picks up the story as if Brian was never rescued. Super great read, on the edge of your seat events. It’s about a boy’s survival after a crash in the wilderness.

Greta had to get in on the whole chapter book fun. She wasn’t too content listening to Treasure Island, but she has been a fan in the past of My Father’s Dragon(don’t let the 1949 publishing date deter you, great story). I decided to see how long her attention span would be, so we started off with Samantha from the American Girl series. I figured it was education and still historical fiction. She loved it. So next we checked out Ramona the Pestfrom the library. We are about halfway through and she just loves it. I catch her grinning from ear to ear in some parts. Her brothers often refer to Greta as Ramona so now she gets to find out the reasons why. If I can pass my love of reading down to all three of my kids I will be one of the happiest mamas around.

My girlfriends and I had another book swap recently so my nightstand is chalk full of new books. Cannot. Wait. I am currently reading my last book from the first swap we did. Can you believe in all my years that I never read To Kill a Mockingbird? Loving it. In fact, I found our future son’s name in the book. No, no impending baby news. In fact, there will be no future son, but IF we ever had a son in another lifetime, I have his name picked out thanks to this book. Just wish I had some time to dedicate to reading it. Our lives have been a blur in February. Literally the entire month passed me by. March will be full too I’m afraid. In fact I’m doubting that there will ever be a month where it’s just chill and no stress.

As I type this I am watching the clock for my next client to arrive. So I better sign off now. Have a good evening!