ojai instagrams

I'll be back Monday morning with the giveaway winner,  just two more days to enter.

Would you believe me if I told you that hosting a giveaway is nervewracking?! It is. I seriously worry while putting it all together that no one is going to enter, and only my best friend and mom are going to enter to make me feel better. So the fact that so far there's 53 of you is really really exciting!! My nerves are so calm! Plus it makes me want to do more giveaways, which is good for all of you right? Maybe this will have to be a regular giveaway of seasonal favorites, or something like that. 

Fun things are in the works for My Life at Playtime. Really fun. I feel like this year this here little blog is starting to turn into what I always envisioned it to be. It's slowly changed from an online journal of thoughts and photos of my kids for out of town family to a place of ideas and sharing. People that aren't necessarily related to us want to come here and see what we are up to in our urban neck of the woods. 

I think attending the Altitude Design Summit in January is going to be pretty huge. I can't even tell you the star struckness I will get when meeting the men and women behind my favorite blogs. You think I care about running into all the celebrities I do while living in Los Angeles?! No way! To meet the people behind my favorite creative websites? That's going to be amazing... 

Here's a little Instagram recap of our Ojai getaway. Did y'all see the Real Housewives at my hotel?! I was a little peeved to be honest. I feel like they ruined a tiny bit of the magic of Ojai by being there. 


 1.vacation nails~only time i get to be colorful 2.these three 3.fireside 4.bonding with this guy all week 5.feeding horses 6.siblings 7.gym 8.room service date with this girl 9.her clothes sure eats into my clothing budget 10.SB Zoo picnic lunching 11.my nephew has extra smooching power 12.s'mores 13.this mama's turn at the spa 14.barely caught her in the frame 15.bring fall inside 16.thrifting treasures 17.sicky boy