at the moment....

~reflecting on how much has changed the last year for me through this little blog. so many new opportunities, so many creative people have come into my life, all because of this little idea I named My Life at Playtime.

~smiling this morning when I awoke to sounds of screams, screams of happiness as the two little ones played together.

~taking it extra slow these mornings and savoring this winter break, no school drop offs, no class emails, nowhere to be and nothing to do.

~grateful for each and every one of my readers, whether you read my blog through email updates, or on your Reader, or just pop in here once in awhile, thank you.

~proud of my little family, they sometimes make me want to pull my hair out, but most of the time they make my heart full.

~looking forward to a very unusual date day tomorrow, if you can think of the most unDeborah thing I would ever do, that's it, and I'm a bit scared.

~reading a lot the last few weeks to make up for a stretch of not having time to, finished The Language of Flowers and What Remains, highly recommend them both, and just started The Happiness Project, so thankful we just had a book swap and my nightstand is full of good reads again.

~watched this movie Tuesday with my mom, sister and grandma. run, don't walk. i tear up just thinking about the film. 

~organizing as much as I can, linen closet is complete and board game shelves finished. 5 bags to Goodwill and 3 trash bags later, and I'm not sure I made a dent. 

~introduced Greta to all my saved Cabbage Patch dolls, my mom saved everything. I pulled out a CPK diaper bag and feeding set, clothes, blankets, baby book, and even a few "birth certificates", she's over the moon.

Hoping you are having wonderful moments each day. I'll be back in this space after the New Year. I can't wait to see what 2013 has to bring, I feel like 2012 was a wonderful personal year for me, I just wish time didn't go so fast. It's true, the days may be long, but the months and years short.