Winter Breaking

We've been busy since the kids started break last weekend, but it doesn't feel like we've done very much at all. We've had dentist checkups and had projects and homework to do (yes, homework over winter break!), we've had lots of cousin time, and somehow I've managed to fit work in during my busiest week of the month. School breaks don't really work well with my busy time, but we've managed. I even was able to take off all day Thursday and Friday, not a single client, and we spent lots of time together. The kids have helped me a ton too on my Art Lessons, and art projects are something they never will turn down. Here's a peek at what we've been up to this month.

1.sweet girl 2.it's been cold here 3.spoons 4.RoRo 5.still cold 6.Disneyland 7.old friends 8.third grade winter parties 9.new goodies 10.art necklace courtesy of Greta 11.first grade winter parties 12.rain 13.circuit assembly day one 14.day two still smiling 15.new jacket 16.painting 17.book swapping treats 18.art books arrival 19.dentist times three 20.snacks 21.oh nothing, just lunching next to adrienne maloof 22.i promise they are having fun