Art Archiving & Our Annual Scribble Press Art Books

What do you do with all your kids' artwork? They bring home a lot, from preschool through elementary school, the masterpieces just keep coming. I get asked a lot what we do with all of it. I'm going to share with you my system for keeping track of their art pieces. 

When they come home with their art portfolios, or writing assignments, poems, homework, etc, I first sort through what I want to keep and what I want to trash. I realize that it's hard to throw away anything but I make myself throw away pieces that maybe are torn, beat up, have the teachers markings all over it, etc. Once I have a keep pile I file it away in our Art Portfolio by Hearthsong. It's an accordion style container with dividers, I divide it by the year, so all the Kinder artwork is in one section, first grade, second, and so on. I store each kids' portfolio in our art closet and then come the end of the year I take out everything I kept from that year and make bigger decisions. 

I pull out my favorite 12-18 pieces, a mixture of writing and art usually. This is where Scribble Press comes into our lives. Years ago when Gunnar was in preschool I found this store that caters to making kid books. Kids come in and can illustrate and write their own books. I wondered if they could create a custom art book for me of my children's artwork. They were happy to try and so our relationship with them began. I was the first person to ever have them try this and since then it's been an awesome journey for the both of us. They have professional scanners that scan the artwork and the book is made with beautiful heavy cardstock. The pages cannot be ripped or torn, and they are perfect for little ones to browse through. 

Sadly, their store locations in Southern California closed recently, but their flagship store in NYC was happy to continue making custom art books. This year was the first time we had our books made in New York, but I couldn't be happier with the outcome. One of my favorite parts is choosing the order of the art and which art pieces are two page spreads versus one page. 

I make books at the end of every summer, but you could have them made by the calendar year, or even your child's birthday from year to year. For preschool I have even combined two years worth of preschool into one book. One of the best things is that you get all the artwork back, so if you want to frame a piece or hang it somewhere after scanning it for tha back, you can do that. 

It's so fun to page through previous years books and see how their drawings have evolved and how their writing changes. We love to pull them out and giggle over how cute their preschool drawings are.

Here's some sample pages from this year and from our books from last year. 

Neat huh? I am so happy that my children's artwork is saved like this. I've attempted to take photos of it, but the quality just isn't the same. 

This is not a sponsored post, but I truly am so happy with what Scribble Press has done for us, that I decided to put this post together about it. The best part is that Scribble Press is offering My Life at Playtime readers a discount on their very own art books! 

Just print this coupon out below and send it in with your artwork, Nicole has been wonderful to work with, so if you have any questions, just contact her. Their website is super easy to navigate, for custom books you click on Make A Book, and then Custom Books. You can see that creating Kids' Custom Art Books is huge now and people have caught on to the concept of saving their childrens' art in this way. Hoping this helps some of you in your path to organization with kids! I know it has helped us a ton! No more big boxes of art cluttering up closet shelves or forgotten somewhere in the garage.