Teacher Gifts

I was thinking the other night that I've been so wrapped up in loving on my kids and my thoughts being consumed by all the first graders that lost their precious lives that I haven't given thought to the teachers. I haven't paused to think about the teachers that keep my children safe every day. Teachers that I know would do anything to keep my own kids safe if something like this were to ever befall their classrooms. 

I will thank those teachers when I see them next. I will give them a hug and tell them that what they do is not forgotten or overlooked. 

We decided to gift our teachers this year with something different than what we've done in years past. Thank you Freya for the recommendation and Pinterest link! We were inspired. 

I picked up some Starbucks acrylic cups that happened to be on sale for $4, you usually find them for around $7-$10, I added some colorful pom poms to the bottom and slipped a Starbucks giftcard inside, and topped it off with a colorful cardstock card attached to the straw. Simple, easy, and practical.