teacher gift ideas

I'm kind of stumped. We try to do gifts for the kids' teachers each semester, so twice a year, December and June. We do something small during teacher appreciation week, but I'm just not sure what to do. Enter.... the internet. Just when I'm out of ideas, they turn up with a bajillion more! 

This year Gunnar has a male teacher, not only that, but his wife is a retired teacher who comes in to teach a cursive class every week. So I'd like to remember them both. But I don't know if I should remember them individually or a couple. I was thinking movie tickets and a restaurant giftcard might be nice. But I don't even know if they are movie going people! 

Here's some cute ideas I found while searching around:

Every single teacher I've ever met drinks coffee. Yep, all of them. How cute is this, a Starbucks cup with a giftcard hidden inside and wrapped up with ribbon. Pretty simple, and so practical. 

I love this little gift set of something personal mixed with something they can enjoy.

In the past I've made these homemade lavender scrubs which seem to be a hit.

Peppermint bark is always well received. Labor intensive though and time is something I just don't have much of this week. These dark chocolate with sea salts and almond bark was a great alternative too.

I'll keep you posted with what we decide to do. We are down to the wire so whatever it is, wil be simple!