Beach Photo Shoot- Santa Monica

Some may have noticed that I haven't posted about very many photo shoots on the blog lately. I had to take a step back from shooting professionally, and just recently I started to miss it. Something had to give in my schedule, and I had worked up to my goal of purchasing my equipment last year so I didn't really have the drive to do many shoots. But Aaron has encouraged me to still offer photo shoots professionally, and when this family contacted me again, I couldn't say no. I have photographed them through the years and it's been a gift to see their family grow and their children blossom. So I said yes. :)

I just finished editing their session this weekend and will be mailing off their disc tomorrow. We shot at Annenberg Beach and it was such a beautiful morning. I couldn't have asked for more glorious weather. It was also a good reminder that I truly love photographing people, especially families. I smile the entire time behind my camera. It was a good day. Here's a peak of some of the highlights.