Friday Links...

We are just kicking the sick germs out the door, because I am TIRED of having them in my house and in my kids! Seriously, it's been a little on the ridiculous side, almost comical. In Ojai Greta came down with croup, she gets it once a year, always in the fall, and the poor thing has such trouble breathing. We spent most of the night in the bathroom breathing the steam from the hot shower just so she could breathe without panicking. The next day we went to Urgent Care and she got a dose of steroids. Thank goodness, the poor thing was miserable. Fast forward two days and I could also tell you about an ear infection, a sinus infection, and several cold viruses. Yeah, I told you it was comical. Fortunately I am the last to get it, and it hasn't been long lived. All in all, I am DONE with sickness. 

I thought I would have my Friday links be all about feeling good and cozy, because with the rain we are getting and expecting to get this weekend in SoCal, nothing sounds better than that!

This smoothie is sure to give us some health!

Did you shop Black Friday? I do, from my computer, in my pajamas. I picked up this sweater (although in a pink/cream combo), it's even more cuddlier in real life. 

Okay, I couldn't help it, the sweaters were really cute this year...

It's not a good reason to have another baby, just to buy this gorgeous blanket right?

I cannot wait to break this out this winter. Talk about warm and cozy!

Whoever this family is, they are one fortunate family. What gorgeous fall themed family portraits these are, I envision my own little people gathered on those blankets, in their cardigans and boots. 

Happy Friday everyone!