Friday Links not on Friday

Sorry about my lame posting this week. Started physical therapy for my jaw and it's going to be long road I'm pretty sure. But at least we have a plan. 

Here's some fun links I meant to post earlier, but a cold destroyed most of my week. I haven't been sick in almost a year, and bam! Thursday I went down. And didn't resurface until this morning. I'm pretty sure I caught the cold after taking antibiotics from my gum surgery. I am not such a fan of them, but I figure they have their purpose and better to be safe than sorry. I think they just lowered my immune system so I was pretty susceptible to everything and anything. 

This awesome burlap bowl tutorial, so simple and such a great centerpiece!

A how-to for harvesting seeds.

This video makes me smile, and also reminds me how special it is that my family eats dinner together almost every single night. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!