Making Jewelry with Kollabora

Little to no secret: I like to make things. But sometimes I don't ever into venture unchartered territory simply for the fact I have no clue what I'm doing. Jewelry making has always been one of those territories for me. It looks like it shouldn't be too hard, but then there's the whole "where do you get the supplies and all the tools to make stuff" dilemma. I must admit in elementary school my sister and I had a thriving safety pin bracelet business. No, it's true! But that involved safety pins, beads, and elastic. So the only jewelry supply shopping I ever did was to buy beads. 

And then I was introduced to Kollabora. It's a whole creative online community. To make stuff! Lots of stuff! Sewing, knitting, jewelry making. 

I took the leap and tried my hand at a few pairs of earrings. My conclusion? It really is simple! As long as you have the right equipment, it couldn't be easier and more fun. 

For the first pair of earrings I needed three supplies, one, two, and three.

I flipped one of the cabochons over and placed a drop of the rhinestone glue in the center. And added the post.

I let them dry overnight.

and then in the morning attached the other side of the post backing, and voila! A pair of cabochon studs!

For the second pair of earrings, I needed again, just three supplies. one, two and three.

Using the jewelry pliers, I carefully opened the little circular part of the earring hook.

I slipped the enamel drop onto the hook and closed the circle back up with my pliers. 

Now I have a really cute pair of drop earrings!

*I am putting together a giveaway for next week, and a pair of these earrings will be just one of the goodies that the winner will receive so check back for giveaway details! Hint: it will be giving away some of my favorite things...

** Kollabora provided all the supplies for this post on jewelry making