thrifting in Ojai

It's no secret we spend Thanksgiving week in Ojai, California every year. A most favorite place of mine to visit. This year we wasted no time hitting the antique shops in town. But first a stop in the lobby to fuel up on hot tea for everyone is a must. Greta, Gunnar and myself all scored with goodies. Greta found an adorable pair of vintage pearl clip on earrings that she just had to have. Gunnar, a beautiful wood pocket knife, and I came home with a brooch, necklace, covered urn(middle one in photo below) and woven basket. 

Past trips to Ojai: 20112011, 20112011, 20112010, 2010, 20102009, 2009, 2009, 20092008, 2008, 2008- I can hardly stand how little they were! I started the blog in 2008, so I don't have posts of the years before that, but I guarantee you we have been coming for a lot longer than this, like 25 years longer....